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        Nato members increase defence spending by $100 billion after Donald Trump called them 'delinquents'
        Misc World | 13 hits
        Nato states will increase their defence spending by 100 billion dollars in response to Donald Trump's demands that European allies shoulder a greater financial burden, the alliance's secretary general has said.

        Texas says it found 95,000 non-citizens on voter rolls; 58,000 have voted
        Uncle Sam | 61 hits
        The Texas secretary of state's office announced Friday that the state has discovered 95,000 non-citizens on the voter rolls going back to 1996, 58,000 of whom have voted in at least one election?-- an announcement likely to raise fresh con

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        Dangerous, Record-Breaking Cold to Invade Midwest, Chicago
        Weather | 109 hits
        A “Siberian Express?weather disturbance currently crossing the Arctic Ocean will meet up with the semi-permanent winter “polar vortex?over Canada, pushing a record-breaking cold air mass into the Upper Plains and Midwest U.S. by Wednesday.

        #PayDecker: Women's hockey star to get paid after NHL skills comp success
        Sports | 118 hits
        U.S. women's hockey star Brianna Decker showed everyone how it's done in the passing challenge at Friday night's NHL all-star skills competition in San Jose. On Saturday, a hockey apparel company stepped in to compensate her following a social media campa

        Feds give Toronto $15M to help curb 'greater demand' on shelters due to migration
        Political | 141 hits
        3 The federal government is giving Toronto $15 million to help address mounting demand on the city's shelter system as it faces the added pressures of refugee claimants. It's the latest injection of funding since Ottawa committed $11 million last summer.

        China clones monkeys and deliberately edits genes to make them mentally ill
        Science | 136 hits
        Chinese geneticists have been criticised after cloning five monkeys that were deliberately "edited" to be mentally ill.

        First Nations want to be consulted on Quebec's long-gun registry
        Misc CDN | 147 hits
        4 The Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador says Quebec's approach to its soon-to-be implemented long-gun registry does not address First Nations issues or jurisdictions, and rights to traditional and subsistence practices.

        Ryerson Students' Union under pressure to explain 'baffling' $250K credit card bill
        Lifestyle | 171 hits
        6 The heads of the Ryerson Students' Union have been given one week to explain approximately $250,000 in credit card spending, which includes numerous questionable expenditures.

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        Singh calls on Trudeau to part ways with U.S., Brazil on Venezuela crisis
        Business | 155 hits
        7 NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is calling on the Liberal government to abandon its decision to side with the U.S. and Brazil over the crisis in Venezuela ?hours after two NDP candidates and one MP came out with much stronger statements condemning Ottawa's move

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